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The Global Initiative for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights: Updates!


Introducing GI-ESCR’s comprehensive new set of resources

At GI-ESCR we work to ensure strong and effective economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights legal frameworks and accountability mechanisms, and support national and local rights advocates to leverage the human rights system. We have recently updated our webpages to provide new resources on the ESC rights developments that occur within United Nations human rights institutions.

On our website, in relation to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) you can now find:  

In relation to the Human Rights Council, we now have a NEW page dedicated to Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Updates from the Latest Sessions of the HRC.

Finally, we have also added a NEW page which collects together all of our work on Strengthening the UN Treaty Body system. This includes our latest advocacy to ensure that Treaty Bodies commence online reviews of States, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, our engagement with the 2020 Treaty Body Review, and our contribution to the TB-Net Yearbook on Treaty Body jurisprudence.

Upcoming online session of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 

The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights will open its 69th session on the 15th February 2021. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this session will be the second to be conducted entirely online. Unlike the previous 68th session in October, however, the Committee will pilot online State reviews.

For all of the latest information on the upcoming session, access GI-ESCR’s update here

Annual NGO Meeting with the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 

As part of the session, the Committee will host its annual NGO meeting on the 5th March. The meeting will take place online, with interpretation in English, French and Spanish. It will feature a brief presentation from Committee members, but is designed primarily as an opportunity for civil society to ask questions, propose suggestions, and discuss the Committee’s working methods and thematic work. 

The CESCR’s letter of invitation may be accessed here. Interested NGOs may register for the meeting by sending an email to no later than the 19 February 2021. As GI-ESCR have been asked to coordinate the meeting, please copy when registering.