‘Fisheries Observers are Human Rights Defenders on the World’s Oceans’


‘Fisheries observers are human rights defenders on the world’s oceans. These individuals work independently onboard commercial fishing vessels around the world to collect scientific data on the state of the marine environment, and in some instances report on compliance with fisheries conservation and management measures. The data they provide is crucial to assess fish populations, determine sustainable catch levels and to the conservation of the marine ecosystems that fisheries rely on. Without the data, information and third-party insight on fishing activities that fisheries observers provide—along with the effective follow up on their reports—the right to a healthy and sustainable environment, the right to life, the right to health, the right to food, and the livelihoods of billions of people would be even more threatened.​ ​Fisheries observers risk their lives defending not only our human rights related to the environment but the environment on which our human rights depend.’ (…)

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