Interesting Article! ‘Environmental Justice, Climate Change and the Right to a Healthy Environment in the Biden Administration’


28 April 2021

‘United States President Joe Biden has prioritized achieving environmental justice and combatting climate change, following up on campaign pledges. The Biden Administration’s focus on climate change is evident in early Executive Orders (EOs)[i] and in the April 22 Climate Summit that he convened. President Biden’s focus on environmental justice (EJ) is manifested in the same EOs. He has also proposed wide-ranging legislation regarding climate change in his American Jobs Plan, which also contains major elements relating to EJ[ii]. Also before Congress is the Environmental Justice For All Act championed by Vice-President Kamala Harris, a law which would for the first time recognize that all Americans have the right to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment. Unlike the EOs, the proposed legislation must be passed by Congress and its content thus may change significantly. This blog thus focuses on the EOs, with only occasional reference to the legislation.’ (…)

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