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UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies

The UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies are the organisms from the international covenants that monitor the implementation of treaties mandated to review alleged violations, to individuals, of the rights contained in such treaties. For EHRDs to submit requests or individual claims to a specific Treaty Body, their country of residence must have signed such Treaty Body. In other words, for an...

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Human Right´s Council Special Procedures mechanism

UN Special Procedures is the collective name for independent human rights experts mandated by the Human Rights Council to address either country-specific human rights violations, or to promote certain thematic human rights concerns. The UN Special Procedures mechanism is a system of over fifty ‘Special Rapporteurs’ (though some take the form of ‘Working Groups’ or ‘Independent...

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Welcome to

The portal has been designed and built following suggestions received from you, the world’s environmental human rights defenders (EHRDs). We hope you will find it useful as you continue your vital work to preserve the natural environment and to defend rights. EHRDs are individuals and groups who work to protect the environment, on which so many human rights depend. We cannot fully...

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Zero Tolerance Initiative – calling for an end to human rights abuse in global supply chains

The Zero Tolerance Initiative seeks to address violence, intimidation and killings of indigenous people and other human rights defenders linked to global supply chains. Working with a wide coalition of supportive groups, and in partnership with indigenous peoples and community representatives, the Initiative asks companies to address killings and violence in their supply chain. This...

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Write for Rights: Amnesty International launches global campaign championing youth activists

Amnesty International has today launched Write for Rights, the world’s biggest human rights campaign, which this year champions children’s rights and youth activists. This year Write for Rights, Amnesty’s flagship human rights campaign, champions youth activists who are taking on the world’s biggest crises Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International “This year Write for...

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A ‘Cool’ Way to Take Action after the Global Climate Strike

"Unite Behind The Science", cries 16 year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, "that is our demand". Ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit this week, Greta, along with millions of others, participated in the global climate strike last Friday. The strike called on our leaders to take action on climate change as they meet in New York City. According to experts we have just 12 years to...

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