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Brazil scientists map forest regrowth keeping Amazon from collapse: Study


‘Scientists have mapped Brazil’s secondary forests and are now able to pinpoint the extent, age and location of regrowing vegetation…
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‘Perú: las mujeres que son la voz de Cuninico’


‘La situación en que quedó la comunidad kukama kukamiria de Cuninico en Loreto, tras el derrame de casi 3000 barriles…
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‘Peaceful protectors of Cambodia’s Prey Lang forest, threatened by loggers and local authorities, vow to fight on’


‘For Cambodia’s largest swath of intact rainforest, the most important line of defense against the logging companies and vested political…
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Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet for Human Rights Day 10 December 2020


Human rights key to build the world we want ‘2020 is a year none of us will ever forget. A…
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European Union decisions on the right to a healthy environment


Recent European Union decisions related to the right to a healthy environment: 1. European Parliament resolution of 22 October 2020…
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‘Fisheries Observers are Human Rights Defenders on the World’s Oceans’


‘Fisheries observers are human rights defenders on the world’s oceans. These individuals work independently onboard commercial fishing vessels around the…
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Elisabeth-Selbert-Initiative (ESI) – a protection programme for Human Rights Defenders at risk


The Elisabeth-Selbert-Initiative (ESI) is a new initiative, founded by the German Federal Foreign Office, in the protection of Human Rights…
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‘How Youth Climate Activists Are Empowering Campaigners From Countries Suffering Most From Global Warming’


‘Gladys Habu knows first-hand the devastation climate change is already visiting on the world. The 25-year-old has vivid memories of…
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‘Understanding and responding to the environmental human rights defenders crisis: The case for conservation action’


Conservation Letters Abstract: Close to two thousand environmental human rights defenders have been killed in 57 countries since 2002, with…
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Geneva Roadmap


Geneva Road Map for Environmental Human Rights Defenders   The Geneva Roadmap in nutshell a collective effort to bridge action for…
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"The exercise of human rights helps to protect the environment, and a healthy environment helps to ensure the full enjoyment of human rights"

- Prof. John Knox

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The environment is a new battleground for human rights. As demand for products like timber, minerals and palm oil continues to rise, governments, companies and criminals are exploiting land with little regard for the people who live on it

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Around the world, those who defend the environment and the human rights that depend on it face all types of obstacles, challenges and threats. Overcoming adversity, environmental human rights defenders have been working to change the lifes of many.

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The Escazu

This landmark treaty aims to guarantee the full and effective implementation in Latin America and the Caribbean of the rights of access to environmental information, public participation in the environmental decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters.

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Global Perspectives in Environment Rights


123 First Avenue Washington D.C., United States

4:00 pm

Event 2


123 Fake Avenue Barcelona, Spain

12:00 am

First Global Meeting of National Focal Points of the Montevideo Programme V


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9:00 am

Semana por la Amazonía Colombiana - 'vida, territorio y espiritualidad'


Bogotá, Colombia

12:00 am

Emerging Pollutants in Wastewater: An Increasing Threat



12:00 am

World Biodiversity Forum


Davos, Switzerland

12:00 am

Geneva Strategy Roadmap for Enabling Environmental Civic Spaces and Protecting Defenders


Palais Eynard Geneva, Switzerland

9:00 am

Side Event: Presentation of Mexico’s International Human Rights Recommendations Monitoring System (SERIDH)


Geneva, Switzerland

10:30 am

Supporting environmental defenders: How can we mobilize the international community?


Geneva, Switzerland

5:30 pm

The Environmental Human Rights Defenders Crisis: Towards a Geneva Road Map


Geneva, Switzerland

10:30 am

DD Coalition

The Defending Land and Environmental Defenders Coalition was formed to build a bridge between international, national and local work, and overcome gaps between siloed communities who may be failing to build on each other's work

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