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The DD Coalition was formed to build a bridge between international, national and local work in order to amplify advocacy efforts on prevention and protection of defenders

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Reports and Articles Study 2020

Environmental conflicts and defenders: A global overview

Authors: ELSEVIER , Global Environmental Change

Handbooks and Manuals 2020

Guide to Secure Group Chat and Conferencing Tools

Author: FrontLine Defenders

Reports and Articles 2020

The IPCC´s Special Report on Climate Change and Land – What´s in it for Latin America?

Author: CDKN Climate & Development Knowledge Network

Reports and Articles 2020

El Informe Especial del IPCC sobre Cambio Climático y la Tierra – ¿Qué significa para América Latina?

Author: CDKN Climate & Development Knowledge Network

Reports and Articles 2020

The Indigenous World 2020

Author: International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs - IWGIA

Reports and Articles 2019

Empresas y Derechos Humanos: Estándares Interamericanos

Author: Relatoría Especial sobre Derechos Económicos Sociales Culturales y Ambientales

Reports and Articles 2019

Norwegian Human Rights Fund Annual Report 2019

Author: Norwegian Human Rights Fund

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Democratic Republic of Congo

Virunga´s Rangers

Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Situated in a region which has been deeply impacted by the effects of war and armed conflict for over 20 years, Virunga is protected by the more than 700 Park Rangers team. These local men and women go through intensive training, risking their lives in a daily basis to safeguard the park´s wildlife. (…)


Pedro Uc Be

Pedro Uc Be is a Mayan land rights defender, writer, translator, teacher, and promoter of Mayan culture and the protector of its land. (…)



Ridhima Pandey

Ridhima Pandey is an energetic girl ready to fight for what she believes in. When she was 9 years old, she went to the courts of her country, India, to file a lawsuit before the government for its lack of action in the protection of the environment. (…)



Ifugao indigenous community vs. mining company

‘In solidarity with the people of Didipo, Nueva Viscaya in asserting their right to a balanced and healthful ecology, ATM, Kalikasan PNE, LRC-KsK/FoE Philippines, and Mining Wtch Canada, as well as other national and international groups, condemn the violent dispersal of members of an indigenous community lawfully barricading the large-scale mining operations in Canadian-Australian OceanaGold Philippines Inc. (OGPI), in Didipio.’ (…)


Mujeres Amazónicas Defensoras de la Selva

Women from the Kichwa, Shuar, Achuar, Waorani, Zapara, Andwa, Shiwiar, Cofán, Siona, Siekopai, and Kius peoples, raised against the extractivism destroying their homes, the ‘Pachamama’. (…)


Ruth Buendía

Environmental activists and indigenous leader of the Asháninka community from the Peruvian Amazon, known for her work in the defence of her culture and the environment. (…)


Movimiento Ambiental Guardianes por la Vida

The ‘Environmental Movement Keepers for life’ is a group of boys and girls that are looking to encourage environmental care, promote awareness about the care for the planet, which is the only one that holds life. (…)



Mother Nature Cambodia

In 2015, Alejandro Gonzalez Davidson founded the NGO Mother Nature Cambodia, to campaign with local communities from the Koh Kong region to protect the area´s mangrove ecosystems from the effects of sand mining. (…)


John Moreno Rutowski

In 2013 the Mexican government approved the construction of a hotel in Punta Lobos beach. The real estate agency Black Creek developed a large touristic project near the town of Todos Santos. The Punta Lobos fishing cooperative decided to fight for their right to fish with the help of lawyer John Moreno. (…)


Francia Márquez

‘The defence of our territory is paid with life’ – says Francia Márquez, an Afro-Colombian women who is an environmental leader of the afro-descendant community in Cauca, Colombia. (…)

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