1. Hold a multi-day strategy meeting which includes ALLIED members, Environmental Defenders and their partners to:

  • Identify key opportunities for influence and specific targets in the coming year
  • Develop joint strategic messages for key institutions, private sector and governments to address prevention of harm and protection of environmental and land defenders.
  • Share protocols and strategies for reducing risks, training defenders and improving effectiveness of actions

2. Create a Working Group to focus on collecting critical new data on threats, attacks, criminalization and stigmatization of defenders including stories of impact on their lives

  • Review typology of threats, impunity, criminalization and stigmatization.
  • Review whether and which Governments /individual organisations have collected this data and are releasing it.
  • Identify secure platforms for incident reporting.
  • Develop data collection strategy aimed at using data for maximum impact, and incentives for defenders to share stories.
  • Share names of key national groups within networks who have the capacity to collect long term data and reach out to garner support.
  • Determine how to use data to have greatest impact and influence on Government and Private Sector actors.
  • Evaluate lessons learned to target future actions including what elements of a global emergency alert system already exist.
  • Assess how to promote reporting by Government in a consistent manner to meet SDG 10.

3. Conduct pilot research

  • Identify the information and support needs of defenders.
  • Assess the extent to which the existent support mechanisms are responding to the needs of defenders on the ground.
  • Revise and strengthen data collection and reporting on attacks against defenders.
  • Pilot in Colombia, Kenya, Philippines and Mexico working with Universal Rights Group, PBI, Amazon Watch, Hivos and WRI.

4. Design opportunities for collaboration among members to reduce duplication of efforts and allow maximal impact from shared resources

  • Identify key priorities for 2018-2019 and where partners can collaborate e.g. Women Human Rights Defenders IUCN project.
  • Provide mechanism for coordination with the International Financial Institutions- Human Rights Defenders Coalition.
  • Have partners joint campaigning opportunities as needed and discuss possibility of future join global campaign on the prevention of harm against environmental defenders.