Around the world, those who defend the environment and the human rights that depend on it face all types of obstacles, challenges and threats. Overcoming adversity, environmental human rights defenders have been working to change the lifes of many.


John Moreno Rutowski

In 2013 the Mexican government approved the construction of a hotel in Punta Lobos beach. The real estate agency Black Creek developed a large touristic project near the town of Todos Santos. The Punta Lobos fishing cooperative decided to fight for their right to fish with the help of lawyer John Moreno. (…)

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Papua New Guinea

Paga Hill Settlement Community

Paga Hill community was established after the Second World War. People have been living there for the last four generations. They were given the customary user rights to the land. In 2012, the Paga Hill Development Company, a joint venture founded by local and international investors, was awarded a 99-year business and commercial lease to the area. (…)

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Klong Sai Pattana Community

The Klong Sai Pattana community in Krabi province, Thailand is engaged in a struggle with a palm oil producer, Jiew Kang Jue Pattana Co Ltd. Jiew Kang Jue Pattana Co. Ltd. was sued for illegally occupying and exploiting the community´s land.

Rights defended: ;;;;;


Grassroots movement against Sterlite copper plant

Since the beginning when it was first proposed in 1995, the Tuticorin Sterlite Copper plant was controversial due to its highly polluting nature, and was initially rejected in three different Indian states until it was approved by Tamil Nadu. (…)

Rights defended: ;;;;;


Can Thi Theu – fighting against land grabs

Can Thi Theu is a land rights defender from Vietnam. She has been campaigning against land seizures and documenting it, in Hanoi and its surrounding provinces since 2007, when her family´s farm was confiscated. (…)

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Arrest of the ‘Huehuetenango Seven’

In 2009 Hidralia Energía, through its branch Hidro Santa Cruz, plans on constructing an Hydroelectric Dam. The Q´ANJOB´AL community opposes to the construction of the dam arguing that it will: restrict the domestic agricultural use of water, affect the community´s cultural practices, and alter a fragile ecosystem. (…)

Rights defended: ;;;;;;;;;

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