No mundo inteiro, aqueles que defendem o meio ambiente e os direitos humanos que dependem dele enfrentam vários tipos de obstáculos, desafios e ameaças. Superando as adversidades, os Defensores dos Direitos Humanos Ambientais têm trabalhado para mudar a vida de muitos.


Ridhima Pandey

Ridhima Pandey is an energetic girl ready to fight for what she believes in. When she was 9 years old, she went to the courts of her country, India, to file a lawsuit before the government for its lack of action in the protection of the environment. (…)


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Ifugao indigenous community vs. mining company

‘In solidarity with the people of Didipo, Nueva Viscaya in asserting their right to a balanced and healthful ecology, ATM, Kalikasan PNE, LRC-KsK/FoE Philippines, and Mining Wtch Canada, as well as other national and international groups, condemn the violent dispersal of members of an indigenous community lawfully barricading the large-scale mining operations in Canadian-Australian OceanaGold Philippines Inc. (OGPI), in Didipio.’ (…)

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Mujeres Amazónicas Defensoras de la Selva

Women from the Kichwa, Shuar, Achuar, Waorani, Zapara, Andwa, Shiwiar, Cofán, Siona, Siekopai, and Kius peoples, raised against the extractivism destroying their homes, the ‘Pachamama’. (…)

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Mother Nature Cambodia

In 2015, Alejandro Gonzalez Davidson founded the NGO Mother Nature Cambodia, to campaign with local communities from the Koh Kong region to protect the area´s mangrove ecosystems from the effects of sand mining. (…)

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John Moreno Rutowski

In 2013 the Mexican government approved the construction of a hotel in Punta Lobos beach. The real estate agency Black Creek developed a large touristic project near the town of Todos Santos. The Punta Lobos fishing cooperative decided to fight for their right to fish with the help of lawyer John Moreno. (…)

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Papua New Guinea

Paga Hill Settlement Community

Paga Hill community was established after the Second World War. People have been living there for the last four generations. They were given the customary user rights to the land. In 2012, the Paga Hill Development Company, a joint venture founded by local and international investors, was awarded a 99-year business and commercial lease to the area. (…)

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